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Quality management

Management statement

As part of its quality management policy, ECOCHIM management undertakes to maintain a quality system that meets the needs and expectations of its customers by affirming its commitment to provide high quality services according to NF EN ISO / CEI 17025 - 2005.

This approach allows us to achieve the following objectives:

  • Maintain the trust of our clients and acquire new ones by providing reliable, reproducible, timely results in respect of confidentiality.
  • Fit into a dynamic of continuous improvement of our quality system.
  • Ensure that all staff comply with the directives of our quality system and respect the procedures implemented in the scope of testing activities.
  • To stay in touch with our customers by conducting annual satisfaction surveys.

ECOCHIM's guideline is to be a recognized and esteemed laboratory with the aim of providing to its clients quality services fulfilling normative, statutory and legal requirements.

The Directorship