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Petroleum products

Code Parameter Technique Standard
EC-HU001 Viscosity ASTM D 445
EC-HU002 Density ASTM D 1298
EC-HU003 Flash point ADTM D 92
EC-HU004 Pour point ASTM D 97
EC-HU005 Acid number Titrimetry ASTM D 664
EC-HU006 Basic number Titrimetry ASTM D 2896
EC-HU007 Saponification number Titrimetry ASTM D 94
EC-HU008 Water by potentiometric Karl Fischer titration Titrimetry ASTM D 4377
EC-HU009 Detection of glycol-base antifreeze in used lubricating oils ASTM D 2982
EC-HU010 Level of contamination by solid particles ISO 4406
EC-HU011 Sediment by membrane filtration ASTM D 4807
EC-HU012 Additive elements in lubricating oils ICP-AES ASTM D 4951
EC-HU013 Additive elements, wear metals and contaminants in used lubricating oils ICP-AES ASTM D 5185
EC-HU014 Determination of nickel, vanadium and iron in crude oils and residual fuels ICP-AES ASTM D 5708
ICP-AES Induced coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy